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What you should choose-Free or Professional web hosting?

Comparison  between Free and Paid Hosting

Web hosting-Read the major differences between a paid and free hosting: Small website owners (such as personal or small internet business owner) seek for free web hosting to eliminate the cost of hosting. A professional hosting service somewhat expensive and cost may be increase day by day. A webmaster or owner should understand the deference between the free  hosting services and a paid hosting services before building a website for a personal purpose or for a client. Here I am trying to list the five major differences between paid web hosting companies and free web hosting providers.

Uniqueness of domain address

The most significant difference between paid hosting and free  hosting services is the domain address. Some free  hosting companies give you a domain address (sub-domain address) where they put their company name before your name in A URL. This will certainly damages your business reputation because customers do not like or trust a website hosted on a free web hosting server. On the other hand, a professional or a paid hosting provider provides a personalized domain address which create a unique identification for your online business and communities.

Up-time and down-time  

Do a free web hosting provider guarantee 99% up time? Actually, No. This makes a huge difference between a paid hosting and a free hosting. Free website hosting providers are subject to a lot of downtime. Down-time cause a negative impact for online business,customers get frustrated, as a result the revenues go down. A promising online business site needs 99% up time to run the business smoothly. Most of the Paid web hosting services guarantee 99 up time and no need to worry about downtime.

Search Engine Rankings

Today Search Engine Rankings play an important rule for an online business. Higher ranked websites get unlimited customers and unlimited customers turn in to profits. When a site hosted on free web hosting platform, the free web hosting provider display irreverent ads and links on that website. Free hosting is a playground for spammers. Spammers sometimes use free  hosting accounts for hosting dummy sites. These factors build a negative impact on search engine rankings and websites hosted on free web hosting servers suffer a lower search engine rankings. On the other hand, websites hosted on professional web hosting companies rank high in search engines and have better online visibility.

Bandwidth and Storage

A webmaster or a website owner has freedom to choose from a variety of packages, with different bandwidth, storage space in a professional website hosting provider.A free hosting provider limits the bandwidth and storage space, making it impossible to upload and transfer video clips, maps and photos etc. also experienced that some free web hosting companies restrict user access when the bandwidth limit is reached. I have hosted 3 websites on hostassest.net. I am a paid member of  hostasset.net since 2017 and still now I am completely satisfied with them. I have no shortage of Bandwidth and storage space.

Support and Assistance

Free website hosting companies do not provide urgent support in case of any technical glitches. Sites that depend on MySQL database and PHP and Perl scripts suffer a significant problem if the site owner do not find any solution in time. On the other hand, paid hosting service providers are dedicated to solve any problem and customers enjoy 24/7 technical support via email, phone or chat. If you want a peace of mind with web hosting, I strongly recommend hostasset.net and godaddy.com

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