Search engines rankings-10 general mistakes

The 10 SEO mistakes every webmaster must avoid

Search Engine Rankings-10 general mistakes

Search engines rankings is a key factor for traffic generation.If you are a webmaster and building a website for yourself or a client, you probably know how important is  targeted traffic. If a webmaster do not know how to generate  traffic, then the site fails to make any sale.

Usually a webmaster or a site owner is responsible to drive traffic to a website.Today,main platform of generating traffic (organic traffic) are  Search Engines. Off-course, many webmaster use advertising to generate traffic, but it is sometime costly and bring little result or not at all. Today, the least expensive method of generating traffic is using the search engines.

Unfortunately, many webmaster or owners do not pay attention or understand the role of search engines visibility, which generate traffic to a site. They engaged in making good looking websites. The practice actually not bad, but has a little impact on a search engine's placement. The following mistakes are done by some careless webmasters and should avoid to make a good flow of organic traffic.


1. Webmasters do not know how to use keywords effectively.

Choosing the right keywords is a critical areas of a site design. Implement only the appropriate keywords on your site. The visitors will find your website and probably make a purchase.

2. Webmasters repeating the same keywords on their sites.

It is not advisable to use the same keywords continuously (knowing as keywords stacking) the search-engines are very much strict about repeating may downgrade (or skip) the page or site.

3. Stealing pages, text, graphics and icons from other websites.

Some webmasters think that the Internet is a free platform and it is ok to copy or steal pages, text, graphics and icons from other sites to use on their sites. Avoid it. Today, search engines are smart enough to detect duplication and as a punishment they may even refuse to index on their listings.

4. Using unrelated keywords to website.

Using unrelated keywords on a website is a very bad practice. Many unethical webmasters or owners use unrelated keywords to gain search engines visibility. Actually these keywords have no scope to rank a website. These webmasters place unrelated keywords on a page (such as "Make free money","sex", a famous celebrity name, top search topic of the day etc.) inside a meta tag for a page. Today Meta tag has no value in SEO.As the keywords are popular search terms on search engines, some webmasters think this technique will increase or boost visibility. Search-engines consider these keywords as SPAM.As a punishment, search engines remove the page or the whole site from listings

5. Stuffing of keywords

Stuffing of keywords means to place multiple keywords to the description of a graphic or layer that appears on your website by using the "alt=" HTML parameter. If the SE find that this description text does not really describe the graphic or layer it will be considered as a spam.

6. Using hidden text.

There is a misconception among web masters, that if you are not able to see it, it doesn't hurt. Totally wrong concept! It is a very bad habit to hide keywords or keyword phrases by making them invisible. For instance, some website owners my set the keywords to the same color as the background of the web page; thereby, making it invisible.

7. Using tiny text.

Using tiny text is another version of the item no 7 above (using hidden text). It is not advisable to hide keywords or keyword phrases by making them tiny. Do not reduce the text size of the keywords so small that it can barely be seen.

8. assuming all Search Engines play the same rules.

Many Siteowners think that each search engine have the same rules. This is not true. Each search engine has their own rules and is subject to change anytime. It is advisable to learn what a major search engine requires for high visibility/ranks.

9. Using free Web hosting accounts.

Free web hosting accounts are not stable and lack of performances. It is not wise to a use free web hosting. A serious webmaster needs a paid web hosting account if he /she wants to increase site traffic via search engine visibility.

10. Not paying attention to check for missing web page elements.

A smart webmaster must check every page on a website for completeness (such as missing links, graphics, etc. Many websites on the net will check it for you free.

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