How to get a VISA Prepaid USD-BDT Card from Bangladeshi Private Bank

How to get a VISA Prepaid USD-BDT  Card from Bangladeshi Private Banks

VISA Prepaid (USD-BDT)-A golden oppertunity for freelancers and webmasters in Bangladesh

As I am webmaster, I faced so much problems to buy domains and hosting accounts from Bangladesh. If anybody wants to buy a domain or a hosting account from (for example) he/she needs a PayPal verified account (Backed by a credit or debit card) or International credit or debit card. It is very much tough for any Bangladeshi to have a verified PayPal or to get International cards from Bangladesh. I used Neteller Virtual Prepaid card and Payza card to do my online transactions. But Payza and Neteller have stopped their card services in Bangladesh recently. Today applying for Facebook ads campaign/ google AdWords campaign from Bangladesh is somewhat difficult due to some restriction for Bangladesh citizens.

So what’s the solutions?

There are two solutions.

  1. Ask a relative who lives in abroad (It is sometimes bothering).
  2. Others, own a card. There is a good news here folks. Now you can have a dual currencies VISA Plastic card (Prepaid) from any branch of EBL (Eastern Bank Limited). The scheme name is Lifestyle Prepaid Dual currency card (Taka and USD). Just go to any branch of EBL with your NID and one passport sized photo. You will have fill-up some documents. You can have your Lifestyle VSA card without your name printed on it (you will get it same day). After paying the card issue fee (Tk.500+VAT), you will get the PIN number instantly.

If you want to have name printed on the card, you must check the ‘Customized’ on the documents. Customized card will delivery on your mailing address within one week or more. After submitting the acknowledgment slip, your pin number will be mailed separately. You must contact to the help line for the card activation.

How to deposit to card: In this card you have two sections. One is BDT and other is USD. Just go to any branch of EBL with your card.Fill-up the deposit slip with card number. Tell the officer to load your money to BDT part or USD part. The officer will load the money as per your requirement. You must bring your valid passport for the endorsement (in case of USD).The minimum load is USD 50.


Some facts

Can be used globally



Validiy : 3 years

Must be Bangiadeshi Citizen ( 18 or above)


- Application Form
- Valid Photo ID/ National ID
- Photograph

For more visit Eastern Bank Limited

Note: Please beware some companies offer free visa card for Bangladesh advertise as buy visa card from bangladesh.These companies may be fake and stole your money and go away.

Disclaimer : The article writer is not responsible for any issue about card. It is the sole liability of the Bank Authority


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