How to find blogs for blog commenting

How to find blogs for blog commenting

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Blog commenting

Some says that blog commenting is dead. In the broad sense it is true. But blog commenting can be useful still for driving traffic to your website. Blog commenting has a massive benefits as follows if you do it wisely

Blog commenting is way to build up relationship with others blog

You are sharing your profile with other bloggers and it looks natural on the eye of google.

You may get a tiny bit of traffic from the links you posted on comments.

Some tips for blog commenting

Do not just write “nice blog” or “nice information” which is  considered as a spam. Practice to write detailed comments and ask a question. Asking a wise question will definitely give you a reply from blog writers.

Find blogs on your own niche or closely related to your subject and comments wisely. If your site or blog on visitor counter that search for blog for webmaster or SEO tools.

Updated blogs gain high rank on search engines. So, it is wise to write comments on recently updated blogs. The blog that is updated on 2010, is not suitable for blog commenting.


Finding Blogs for comment

My straight forward method of finding related blogs using search criteria into Google: ‘Search term+”Leave a Reply”. As for example seo+”Leave a Reply” and then will have to click on Tools. The google result will show pages on seo articles with comments.

Most of the links from commenting are nofollow links, but there is a chance to get also dofollow links from the blog commenting.

Blog commenting may be the useful tool if it is used wisely. It is advised to use your full name. Bloggers spend much time when he finds your full name. Hope guys, this article will be useful for you.Goodluck!

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